PALOOKAVILLE -  PUGS - Breeders of Pedigree Health Tested Show Type Cocker Spaniels


A brief introduction to my Team, we are a small show kennel providing healthy, happy and fit for function dogs, some of which go on to show but in the main are homed as pets. 

All my dogs live inside the house, its a 3 storey house suitably converted to keep the dogs on one floor with access to dog runs and play areas, in addition I have a 2 acre field for additional exercise, it really is a 24 hour operation. My dogs are never left alone or unattended. There is always someone here for their well being and security.  

To achieve this it takes a lot of man hours a day, so I have a small team of dedicated animal lovers who have already spent time in college training in small animal care.

Meet Hannah

Hannah has been working for me on a full time basis for almost 6 years, Hannah is qualified in Small Animal Care and is very good at grooming. Hannah loves working with the dogs and has proven to be a valuable team member.
Hannah has just returned to work after maternity leave and has returned on a part time basis.

Meet Aimee

Aimee works part time weekends and has been with Villaspaniol for almost a year, and is studying Small Animal Care at College Level 3.  Aimee is also an animal lover naturally! and has 2 of her own dogs at home.

Meet Lauren

Lauren works one day a week and is specifically employed to assist me in grooming the show dogs.  Lauren is a qualified groomer with 7 years experience. Lauren also owns horses and two dogs.

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