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English Cocker Spaniels

VILLASPANIOL - cocker spaniels is a small show & breeding kennel based in North Wales focused on providing healthy, 'fit for purpose' puppies. 
Cockers are my favourite breed of dog, aside from the obvious gorgeous looks, its their temperaments - boisterous, playful and just a little cheeky.  The majority of my time is spent with my dogs, walking, grooming and looking after puppies.  My dogs have a nice environment to live in, they are not locked up during the day.  Their time is spent running free in the fields or walking with me.
I am a Kennel Club Breeder, and my cockers  are up to date with current health requirements for the breed.  I only breed from dogs that are compliant with the current Kennel Club health requirements.
Villaspaniol has been granted a licence to breed from Flintshire County Council, licensed until 9 July 2021.  My premises and dogs are inspected regularly and we are 'fit for purpose' for breeding puppies.  My most recent vet inspection quoted "high standards" on my licence renewal application.
If  you have any comments, questions or require advice on buying a puppy , please contact me.
Hope you enjoy visiting my site, I update regularly so visit again soon.

We do not have a facebook page but you can follow us on Instagram @villaspaniol


Just a few words on contact, I am always very busy until 12 noon as we have to clean and disinfect the dogs living quarters, and exercise. The best way to make contact is to TXT me in the first instance briefly outlining the nature of the enquiry, I will respond promptly and arrange a mutually convenient time to chat. I am really slow on responding to emails (I am working on that!!) And I am just as bad with voicemail. Thank you 


Mobile 07894 282644
Home  01352 715220
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